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Teaching with WileyPLUS

Students using WileyPLUS experience an average increase of ½ letter grade.

Student Readiness

26% of students are prepared for college! How can you help all of your students succeed?

Learning Outcomes

70% of academic leaders believe learning outcomes for online education meet or exceed those for in-person courses.

Teaching Online

By 2019, one-half of all college classes will involve online learning.

Collaboration & Engagement

Nearly 80% of students work part- or full-time. Make spending time on your course a priority for them!

Teaching & Learning Trends

Leverage social media, mobile devices and “flipping” your classroom to transform your students’ experience!

Career Readiness

One-third of 25- to 29-year-old college graduates end up taking a lower-skill job.

Featured Events

Collaboration and Engagement: Encouraging Students’ Best Work in the Online Environment
A common challenge in online courses is achieving persistent, high-quality student participation. In this Wiley Faculty Network Guest Lecture, Elizabeth Barkley will use…

Teaching & Learning Trends: Practical Applications of the Teaching Naked Cycle
The Teaching Naked Cycle is a practical application of the latest discoveries in learning. Technology provides new ways for students to receive first contact with material, better ways to ensure…