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Teaching with WileyPLUS

Students using WileyPLUS experience an average increase of ½ letter grade.

Student Readiness

26% of students are prepared for college! How can you help all of your students succeed?

Learning Outcomes

70% of academic leaders believe learning outcomes for online education meet or exceed those for in-person courses.

Teaching Online

By 2019, one-half of all college classes will involve online learning.

Collaboration & Engagement

Nearly 80% of students work part- or full-time. Make spending time on your course a priority for them!

Teaching & Learning Trends

Leverage social media, mobile devices and “flipping” your classroom to transform your students’ experience!

Career Readiness

One-third of 25- to 29-year-old college graduates end up taking a lower-skill job.

Featured Events

Collaboration & Engagement: How Technology Can Support and Improve the Online Learning Experience
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are turning the Internet into a distinctly communal and collaborative environment. At the same time, researchers…

Teaching & Learning Trends: Practical Applications of the Teaching Naked Cycle
The Teaching Naked Cycle is a practical application of the latest discoveries in learning. Technology provides new ways for students to receive first contact with material, better ways to ensure that students are prepared for class, and creates…